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10 best hand blenders to make your life in kitchen easy

Hand blenders are very easy to use.

A modern kitchen is incomplete without the right appliances and tools. Kitchen appliances are designed to make your meal preparations less strenuous and time-taking. Out of these, a hand blender is the most useful but often-overlooked kitchen appliance. While most kitchen appliances are made to do just one task, a hand blender can do multiple tasks perfectly. If you have not equipped your kitchen with a hand blender, it’s time you upgrade it with one for a seamless cooking experience.

Here are the 10 best hand blenders you should check out:

1. PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender

This slim and easy-grip blender lets you mix ingredients for both hot and cold meals and drinks. It comes with a powerful motor, a convenient operation button, and two blades for whisking and whipping.


MRP- Rs. 1,527

Power- 250W

RPM (revolutions per minute) bowl- 18000 rpm

Cord length-12m

Weight-0.8 kg

Material of main body: Food-grade plastic

Material of blade: Rust-free stainless steel

Pros Cons
A Made in India product Heating issues
250 Watts powerful motor Blades may require manual rotation to work sometimes.
Made from chemical-free and rust-proof material No variable speed options.
Two blades for whipping and whisking both hot and cold ingredients  
Slim and easy-grip design  


PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W




2. KENT 16044 Hand Blender

Powerful, durable, and convenient- that’s the Kent hand blender for you. This sleek and stylish hand blender has a strong and sturdy body built out of stainless steel. Powered with a 400W motor and variable speed controls, it lets you blend all sorts of ingredients with precision in a few minutes.


MRP- Rs. 1,529

Power- 400W

Voltage- 240V

Weight- 685 gm

Dimensions- 65 x 65 x 380

Material- stainless steel

Pros Cons
Made in India The body heats up quickly
Hot and cold blending options Bulky and difficult to hold the body
Chop, blend and puree options  
400 W power  
Easy to clean and store  


KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W | Variable Speed Control | Easy to Clean and Store | Low Noise Operation




3. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 1000 Pro S

This 1000W Inalsa hand blender is crafted to handle everyday basic and challenging blending tasks with ease and precision. Its stainless steel cross blades and bell-shaped design ensure each food particle gets crushed and pureed perfectly.


MRP- Rs. 1,979

Power- 1000W

Dimensions- 6.2 x 8.5 x 41 cm

Weight- 830 gm

Material- stainless steel

Pros Cons
1000W powerful motor Expensive
Stainless steel cross blades  
Variable speed control with Turbo Speed button  
Easy to clean and store  


Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 1000 Pro S- 1000W with Variable Speed Control Stainless Steel Stem, (Black/Silver)




4. Orpat HHB-100E 250-Watt Hand Blender

Bring home the sleek and powerful hand blender from Orpat and say goodbye to your everyday meal prep woes. This stylish hand blender cuts your cooking time with efficient blending and makes it convenient to use with its easy-to-clean and store design.


MRP- Rs. 748

Power- 250W

RPM- 18000

Dimensions- 10 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight- 890 gm

Material- plastic

Accessories- Unbreakable polycarbonate beaker

Pros Cons
Sleek and comfortable to grip body None
250 W motor with 18000 RPM  
Easy to store mountable design  
Long power cord  


Orpat HHB-100E 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)




5. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus

Chop, mince, dice and puree your food to your required consistency with this multi-purpose Inalsa hand blender. The blender comes with a variety of accessories and features to give you the much-needed helping hand in the kitchen.


MRP- Rs. 2,965

MRP- 2,965

Power- 1000W

Voltage- 230V

Dimensions- 6 x 8 x 405 m

Material- Alloy steel

Accessories- 500ml chopper bowl, 800ml beaker, whisking attachment, and potato masher.

Pros  Cons
1000W power Expensive
Easy to clean  
Compact design  
Comes with a wide range of accessories  


Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus-1000 Watt with Chopper, Whisker, Potato Masher, Multipurpose Jar|Variable Speed |2 Year Warranty,(Silver/Black)




6. Morphy Richards Hand Blender

This Morphy Richards hand blender has an efficient motor packed in a stylish and ergonomic design. It not only eases your work in the kitchen but also looks good on your kitchen counter. Single-speed setting and multi-function blades are two of the notable features of the blender.


MRP- Rs. 1,394

Power- 300W

RPM- 3000

Dimensions- 13.8 x 7.8 x 23.3

Weight- 770 gm

Material- plastic body with stainless steel shaft

Pros Cons
300W power No stand for convenient storage
Beautiful and ergonomic design No attachments for whisking and chopping
Multi-function blades  
Detachable shaft  
Versatile single-speed setting  

7. Boss B121 Hand Blender

Now take things in your hands (literally) with this Boss hand blender. This single blender has everything to reduce your cooking time and let you create recipes with perfectly blended ingredients. With its detachable parts, this appliance is also easy to clean.


MRP- Rs. 1,625

Power- 160 W

RPM- 12000

Dimensions- 33 x 8 x 6.4

Material- ABS plastic body

Weight- 870 gm

Number of speeds- 2

Pros Cons
160 W power Body heats up easily
Superior stainless steel blades with additional three blades- whisk, mincer, and beater  
Wall mounting stand  
Simple, easy to maintain, and clean design  

8. Braun Multiquick MQ100 450-Watt Hand Blender

This Braun hand blender is a great cooking partner with its powerful motor, PowerBell technology, and sturdy build. The 600 ml beaker included with the blender ensures your blending results turn out perfect every time.


MRP- Rs. 3,399

Power- 450 W

Dimensions- 10.2 x 15 x 20.3 cm

Weight- 1.19 pounds

Material- plastic body

Accessories- 600ml BPA free plastic beaker

Pros Cons
Patented PowerBell hand blender technology Costly
One-touch application  
Unique performance-enhancing and Anti-splash design  
600 ml beaker included  

9. Bajaj 410535 Hand Blender

Equip your modern kitchen with this highly efficient and silent blender from Bajaj. The 300W motor and ergonomically built design deliver perfect blending results without straining your hands.


MRP- Rs. 1,540

Power- 300W

Dimensions- 14 x 8 x 23.5 cm

Weight- 180 gm

Material -ABS plastic body

Pros Cons
300 W silent DC motor Cannot blend hard ingredients
Ergonomic push button  
Click fit lock system  
Detachable blender stem for easy cleaning  


Bajaj 410535 Hand Blender 300W




10. Prestige Hand Blender – PHB 11.0

Efficient motor, super-sharp blades, hand-contouring design, all packed into a budget-friendly price. Now make soups, smoothies, juices, and more within minutes with this Prestige hand blender.


MRP- Rs. 899

Power- 250W

Dimensions- 25 x 20 x 20 cm

Weight- 580 gm

Material- plastic

Pros Cons
250 W motor Gets overheated if used for more than 2 minutes continuously
Super sharp stainless-steel blades  
Slim body  
Automatic shut off when overheated  


Prestige Hand Blender – PHB 11.0




Hand blenders Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, 250W  Come with 2 blades for whipping and whisking hot and cold ingredients  Single trigger press  Easy to hold design
 KENT 16044 Hand Blender  400W powerful motor  3 variable speed controls  Low noise operations
 Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 1000 Pro S  1000W silent DC motor  13 variable speed + Turbo function  Thoughtfully designed for greater efficiency, anti-mess operations and ease of storage
 Orpat HHB-100EHand Blender  One blade, many uses- blending, pureeing, mashing, grating, and beating  Comes with an unbreakable bowl for ease of blending Compact and sleek design
 Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus  1000W motor  Splash resistant design  Accessories release button and detachable SS stem for easy usage
 Morphy Richards Hand Blender  300W motor  Silent DC motor  Beautiful and ergonomic design
 Boss B121 Hand Blender  160 W with 12000 revolutions per minute  3 superior blades for whisking, mincing and beating  Sleek design
 Braun Multiquick MQ100 Hand Blender  Patented PowerBell technology  Ultra-Hard, Opposite Angled Stainless Steel Blades  Unique design for added performance and convenience
 Bajaj 410535 Hand Blender  Efficient and silent motor  Ergonomic soft switch  Click fit lock system
Prestige PHB 11.0 Hand Blender  Equipped to handle everyday blending needs  Super-sharp blades  Slim design

Best value for money

Braun Multiquick MQ100 Hand Blender: Priced at 3,399, the blender is the best value for money because of its performance and features. The 450 W blender equipped with PowerBell technology and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades provides exceptional blending results for even large and hard food ingredients. The design is compact, making it easy to hold and use.

Best overall

Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 1000 Pro S: This hand blender from Inalsa uses a 1000W motor with super silent DC. This combination of powerful and silent operations makes this blender a must-have tool in every kitchen. Add to it the 13 adjustable speeds and turbo function, and you have a superior blending device to prepare all your favourite and new dishes with a few clicks.

The blades are made from 304 stainless steel that can easily handle any blending task – baby food, soups, smoothies, batters and more. Moreover, the blades have an anti-slip design that ensures mess-free operations. The hand blender is super comfortable to hold with its slender body. The shaft of the blender is easily detachable for easy cleaning and storage.

How to find the perfect hand blender

The factors you should consider before buying a hand blender include:

Power: The ideal watts of a hand blender should be between 200 to 250 for it to give you the desired blending of hard and soft ingredients quickly.

Variable Speed: Consider blenders that have two or more speed options. This enables you to switch blending intensity to get your desired results.

Blades: The blades should be made of high-quality and, if possible, rust-free stainless steel. The position of the blades is also important. They blend the ingredients more efficiently if they are placed opposite one another. Many blenders come with additional blades to do different blending tasks just as whisking and mincing.

Design: The hand blender should be slim and hand contouring. It should not be a problem to hold it and use it. The design should also be such that it is easy to clean and store.

Accessories: A simple blender can only blend ingredients into a smooth paste. But attachments like a whisking blade, mincing blade, etc., can help you make versatile blender uses. It is also an excellent choice to look for blenders that come with a beaker for blending the ingredients in. The beaker is specially designed to blend things in, so you don’t have to look for a suitable container whenever you want to use a blender.

Price of hand blenders at a glance:

Handb blenders Price
PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender   1,410
 KENT 16044 Hand Blender   1,529
 Inalsa Hand Blender Robot 1000 Pro S   1,979
 Orpat HHB-100E 250-Watt Hand Blender   790
 Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus   2,965
 Morphy Richards Hand Blender   1,540
 Boss B121 Hand Blender   1,625
 Braun Multiquick MQ100 450-Watt Hand Blender   3,399
 Bajaj 410535 Hand Blender   1,540
 Prestige Hand Blender – PHB 11.0   899


Q. What is the difference between a hand blender and a hand mixer?

A hand blender is a versatile, compact, hand-sized device that lets you blend, mince, and puree hard and soft ingredients. A hand mixer is a bulky machine that can be used just to whip creams, batters and other soft ingredients.

Q. What is the cost of a hand blender?

Generally, a hand blender is quite affordable. It can cost anywhere between rupees 800 and 3000 depending on the brand, features, and accessories included. You can find a suitable hand blender based on your needs and budget.

Q. Which are the best hand blenders of 2022?

This year, the hand blenders that have topped the list as being the best include-

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000, Philips HL1655/00, BOSS E111 Portable, Orpat HHB-100E WOB, Braun Multiquick MQ100, and KENT 16044.

Q. What are the characteristics of a hand blender?

The ideal characteristics of a hand blender should include:

The blender should have a power of anywhere between 200 and 1000W.

Its motor should be silent for disturbance-free usage.

It should have a wall mount or detachable shaft for easy storage.

It should have different speed setting options for the best results.

Q. Can a hand blender be used for soups?

Hand blenders are perfect for blending ingredients for soup. Many hand blenders come with hot and cold ingredient blending features. You can use the blenders directly over boiling soup ingredients in the pot and blend them while they are still hot.

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