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8 best 3000 mAh battery mobile phones in India

Mobile phones with 3000 mAh battery offer good backup.

The 3000 mAh battery is ideal for a smartphone since it will last a regular workday when you unplug it in the morning and still have enough charge to get you home. Furthermore, with android apps becoming increasingly resource-hungry, it is critical to have at minimum a 3000 mAh battery running your device. Buying a phone that has a 3000 mAh battery would at least guarantee that the device lasts a normal work day once you unplug it in the afternoon and there’s enough charge remaining to get you home. Continue reading to discover the best features, pros, cons, and full specs.

Want to purchase a new phone? Take advantage of the finest offers by taking a look at this list of the top 8 3000 mAh battery mobiles in India.

  1. Karbonn K 451 Power

Karbonn K451 Power is a mobile phone made in India with buttons, suitable for use by elders. It is a dual SIM phone in which you can insert two different GSM SIM cards. The phone is budget-friendly and has a bright TFT colour display. It comes preloaded with features such as a mobile tracker and torch light. You can also use the internet using the WAP browser, even though it will be slower on 2 G networks. It is a basic mobile phone for those who primarily use phones for calling and sending SMS.


  • screen: 2.4” display
  • camera: 0.3 MP rear camera with LED flash
  • connectivity: 2 G
  • colour: black

Best features

  • simple button interface
  • FM radio
Pros Cons
dual sim no touch screen
pre loaded games no 3 G/4 G
  no front camera


Karbonn K451 Power (Champagne-Black)




2. Redmi 6A

The Redmi 6 A is a feature-rich smartphone with a few different configurations. You can buy the 2 GB RAM 16 GB version if you are tight on the budget. Otherwise, you can choose the 32 GB internal memory configuration and expand to 3 GB RAM. The 5.45″ LCD touchscreen uses IPS technology to give you a crystal-clear display even under direct sunlight.


  • performance:2 GB RAM with 2.0 GHz mediatek quad core processor
  • camera:13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera
  • memory: memory expandable up to 256 GB
  • OS: android v 8.1
  • connectivity: bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4 G
  • colours: black, blue, gold, and rose gold

Best features

  • IPS LCD touchscreen
  • 2 GB and 3 GB RAM options
Pros Cons
excellent battery life no facial unlocks
long durability no dual SIM
attractive design speaker sound is unsatisfactory
  stock camera software lacks features


Redmi 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage Mi 6A, Blue




3.Nokia C01 Plus

Utilise the Nokia C 01 Plus to make every second count as it comes equipped with an octa-core processor, front and rear HDR cameras and a brilliant HD+ screen. You’ll be connected for a longer period between charges because of the powerful battery and 4 G connectivity. With android TM 11 (go version), you may save data and storage space while getting enhanced privacy and usability. Let’s have a look at some of its specifications.


  • os: android 11
  • RAM storage:2 GB
  • display:LCD screen available
  • audio jack:3.5 mm
  • connectivity: bluetooth, Wi fi, and USB
  • internal storage: 16 GB/ 32 GB
  • sim slot size:nano
  • micro SD card support:128 GB
Pros Cons
long battery life heavy body
android stock limited storage space
available at a pocket-friendly price  less bright display available 


Nokia C01 Plus 4G, 5.45” HD+ Screen, Selfie Camera with Front Flash (Blue)




4. Itel S 42 Smartphone

65” touchscreen easily fits your hand and still offers a brilliant display. The curved edges of the design make it look like a high-end phone. It has a fingerprint sensor that provides a perfect locking system for your phone. For a budget-friendly phone, Itel S42 easily becomes a top choice with its 13 MP cameras both on the front and rear. It is a great phone for selfie lovers. It shows excellent performance for moderate usage. It comes preloaded with many apps; some of them may not be very usable.


  • OS: android 8.0
  • performance:3 GB RAM with 1.4 GHz qualcomm snapdragon processor
  • camera:13 MP front and rear camera with dual flash
  • connectivity:supports bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2 G, 3 G, and 4 G
  • colour: pink

Best feature

  • fingerprint sensor
  • dual GSM SIM cards
Pros Cons
good display camera not good in low light conditions
sturdy build quality poor performance while playing games
ease of use  
supports dual nano SIM  


Itel S42 Smartphone 16GB ROM, 3GB RAM (Rose Gold)




5. Black Zone XR

The blackzone X R 4 G features the very initial basickeypad mobile phone with 4 Gfrom the Black zone brand and supports all 4 G sim cards, including Jio. Other features include a 2.4″ screen Panel with dual sim, a 3000 mAh large battery, an integrated FM and MP 3 player, LED Torch Light, automatic call recording, vibrating alert, and SOS function.


  • OS: symbian 9.3
  • storage:48 Mb RAM
  • display:2.4 inch
  • connectivity: supports bluetooth, and 4 G
  • colour: GOLD

Best features

  • all 4 G sim cards, including Jio, will function.
  • MP 3 player with FM radio
Pros Cons
all carriers are unlocked camera is not good
torch Light with LEDs poor performance while playing games
supports dual SIM  


Black Zone XR 4G keypad Mobile Phone with Dual Sim, 3000 mah Big Battery & 2.4″ Screen Display (Supports Jio Sim) (XRGOLD)




6. Blackzone Polo

Blackzone polo is a basic cell phone with a 2.8″ main screen and a powerful 3000 MAH battery, making it one of the finest feature phones. Other features include a digital camera featuring LED torch lighting, bluetooth, a cordless FM radio featuring a large speaker, an audio player, vibrations, and expandable storage of up to 32 GB. However, since it’s a simple feature phone, only 2 G sim cards function.


  • OS: symbian 9.3
  • storage: 8 GB
  • display:2.8 inch
  • connectivity: supports bluetooth, 2 G
  • colour: dark blue

Best features

  • auto call recording
  • expandable memory
Pros  Cons
support for several languages camera not good in low light conditions
ease of use youtube and whatsApp will not function.
LED torch light  


Blackzone Polo – Basic Keypad Mobile Phone with Dual Sim, 3000 MAH Battery, Wireless FM, Big Screen 2.8″ & Big Speaker

Check Price on Amazon


The most recent MTR GT mobile phone includes 4 G voice service. Jio SIM is accepted. MTR GT features everyday necessities such as a camera, flashlight, games, and internet connectivity. It helps to browse the web, play games with pals, and remain sociable with inexpensive 4 G. This is a cell phone you can count on with its long-lasting battery capacity and scratch-resistant durability.


  • OS: IOS 11
  • storage:32 MB
  • display:2.8 inch
  • connectivity: GSM
  • colour: dark blue

Best features

  • foldable screen
  • dual GSM SIM cards
Pros Cons
jio sim support no hotspot support
sturdy build quality poor performance while playing games
supports dual SIM  


MTR GT 4G (Light Blue) 2.8 inch Display 3000 mAh Battery 4G Phone




8.MTR S600

MTR S 600 comes with dual sim mobile with 3000 mAh capacity, 2.4-inch screen display and a 0.8 MP Camera. It sports an alphanumeric keypad and accepts full-size double sim. This phone features bluetooth connectivity, so you can transfer your favourite music, images, movies, or other files from another phone that also has Bluetooth connectivity. You may now use the cell phone for an extended time without recharging it several times. This phone is available with an LED torch that may be utilised as a source of light while travelling, conducting detailed work, or looking for anything in the dark. There is no need to carry a torch separately.


  • os: symbian 9.3
  • storage:3MB RAM
  • display:2.4 inch
  • camera: 0.8 MP
  • colour: green

Best features:

  • bright LED torch
  • bluetooth connectivity
Pros Cons
expandable memory card camera is not good
full-size dual sim cards poor performance while playing games
ease of use  


MTR S600 32 MB RAM | 32 MB ROM 6.1 cm (2.4 inch) Display 0.8MP Rear Camera 3000 mAh Battery (MTR S600 (Green))




Product Feature – 1 Feature – 2 Feature – 3
Karbonn K451 Power  OS-symbian 9.1 Memory – 16 G B ROM Connectivity – 2 G
Redmi 6A  OS – android Memory –  2 GB RAM Connectivity 4 G
Nokia C01 Plus OS – android Memory – 2 GB RAM Connectivity -Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB 
Itel S42 Smartphone OS – android Memory – 3 GB RAM Connectivity – 2G,3G,4G
Black Zone XR OS – symbian 9.1 Memory – 48 MB RAM Connectivity – 4G
Blackzone Polo OS – symbian 9.3 Memory – 8 GB Connectivity – 2G
MTR GT OS – IOS 11 Memory – 32 MB Connectivity – GSM
MTR S600 OS – symbian 9.3 Memory – GSM Connectivity –  2G

Best value for money

The Redmi 6A offers the best value for money in the above list. Even though the specifications don’t seem very exciting at first sight, it is one of the least expensive options with an HD display and 4 G connectivity. The Redmi 6 A is a feature-rich smartphone with a few different configurations. If money is an issue, the 2 GB RAM 16 GB version is available. You may also select the 32 GB internal memory option and increase it to 3 GB RAM.

Best overall product

The Itel S42 is an overall combo in the 3000 mAh battery mobiles list. The battery life, display, and build quality of this smartphone stand up to the comparative price tag. In this price bracket, the Itel S 42 edition provides you with the latest 4 G support. It also easily becomes a top choice with its 13 MP cameras both on the front and rear. Moreover, it shows excellent performance for moderate usage and comes preloaded with many apps.

How to find the perfect 3000 mAh battery mobiles?

How to find 3000 mAh battery mobiles here are some key factors to consider:

  1. decide if you want an Android or iOS. Will it be unlocked? If not, which one?
  2. consider what functions you need—would it be wonderful if this phone could capture video or take photos? Need a touchscreen? Do any of the features seem useful? Take this into account as an important aspect.
  3. check out brands and models at local stores. During various seasons, several retailers discount specific devices (like sales tax holidays). If something costs 7977.30 today but 3988.65 during a tax-free day next week, it’s worth waiting if feasible

Price of 3000 mAh battery mobile phones at a glance:

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