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Blue child syndrome: A coronary heart condition that turns your baby’s pores and skin blue

Blue newborn syndrome or toddler methemoglobinemia is a coronary heart dysfunction the place your new child baby’s pores and skin may well turn blue because of to deficiency of sufficient oxygen in the blood. This may perhaps occur when the coronary heart of the newborn is malformed. Though methemoglobinemia is often congenital and some babies are born with the ailment, most of the instances it is obtained in toddlers and could be caused thanks to exposure of particular substances and some health situations. (Also study: Biliary atresia: All about the congenital liver condition of infants that could turn deadly)

Feeding on food or h2o substantial in nitrate could lead to this problem or health troubles such as anemia, milk protein intolerance, extreme metabolic acidosis, and urinary tract infections can also be danger elements.

“Blue infant syndrome is a congenital heart dysfunction in which oxygen deprived blood circulates in the baby’s complete human body. This is the outcome of a number of irregular communications in the coronary heart. Leads to of blue infant is the malformed heart because of to which oxygen deprived blood mixes with oxygenated blood inside of the coronary heart chambers,” says Dr. Srinivas M Kini, Sr. Specialist Paediatric CTVS, Marengo QRG Medical center, Faridabad.

Indications OF BLUE Infant SYNDROME

Blue toddler syndrome is a congenital coronary heart disorder in which oxygen deprived blood circulates in the baby’s complete body.(Bayu Prakosa)

“Symptoms principally will be of diminished oxygenation of the child. The oxygen saturation will be lessen than 95 and the lips and nails will be bluish tinged. Pores and skin colour will also be greyish but are not able to be appreciated in brown coloured youngsters. Child will be irritable with out any clear rationale,” states Dr Kini.

The Paediatric CTVS health practitioner claims the ailment is essential for the infant and should be diagnosed and taken care of as shortly as it is detected.

“Each and every organ of the baby’s physique makes use of oxygen for its important features and lessened oxygen supply mainly because of this syndrome can harm them permanently,” suggests Dr Kini.


Treatment method is mainly surgical (open up heart medical procedures) whereby normal anatomy of the heart is restored and all abnormal communications are closed.

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