Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Can the F-150 Lightning Make Everybody Want a Truck That Plugs In?

The evening, punctuated by the neighborhood address band, the Fly Bettys, ended with a fireworks finale accompanied by “God Bless the United states.”

The hope of SK, Ford, quite a few electricity policymakers and pragmatic environmentalists, is that most of the Georgians tailgating for getaway fireworks in the coming a long time will be hanging on the flatbeds of F-150 Lightnings as a substitute.

Even as soon as the logistics and quantity of manufacturing are straightened out, the lingering question for Jackson County citizens, and Us residents, is regardless of whether the batteries staying manufactured down the road at SK will power vehicles ultimately as obtainable as Ford’s Model T. Henry Ford named it a automobile “for the excellent multitude,” and it fueled America’s authentic automotive revolution.

As normal, silver bullets are uncommon. And as with most main challenges, it helps if a option requires generating a little something great.

Maddison Dean, a Jackson County native, was hired early this calendar year by SK for a role in neighborhood relations. In April, she gave a presentation about the company to far more than a hundred juniors and seniors at Commerce Significant Faculty, her alma mater. In the auditorium, she gave an overview of electrical vehicles, the rapidly changing long term for automakers and how SK’s functions operate.

“I advised them, really feel no cost to interrupt me at any point, just elevate your hand,” she mentioned. At initially, she didn’t have several takers. “You know, primarily chatting to significant university kids, they just form of glaze over, they’re like, ‘Yeah, whatever, this is an justification for us to be out of course, but we’re not spending awareness.’”

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