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Computer systems and Painting’s Identity Disaster

Just about every new era of artists, curators, and critics appears to come to feel the need to defend painting. It makes feeling: paint on canvas, fantastic for small else, is basically synonymous with large-A Artwork. Painting stands for art’s angels and demons, its optimism and consideration, its vanity and solipsism.

“The Painter’s New Tools” at Nahmad Contemporary in Manhattan showcases just how significantly modern artists have pushed new media devoid of leaving the security of what is legible as artwork. Collecting 57 functions by 31 creators, its curators Eleanor Cayre and Dean Kissick assert that new systems have irrevocably redefined what it implies to paint, even though maintaining that painting remains described by the pursuit of lovely matters. Attempting to keep each ideas at after, the show embodies the cryptic, ambivalent embrace of tradition, from cottagecore farmlife to Catholicism, practiced by a subset of generally younger, extremely-on the net culturati. Painting is at stake — and so is a conservative drive for the aged avant-garde.

It is legitimate that portray is technological innovation, and always has been. Just as the creation of oil paint, slower drying than tempera, gave artists a innovative assortment of new consequences, the lens and the transistor — images, video, and laptop graphics — introduced profound, irreversible improvements to how artists, and the rest of us, see the planet.

The hovering brush strokes and vertiginous layering of an emerald Laura Owens canvas apotheosize Photoshop techniques. Ei Arakawa’s homage to Owens hangs nearby: an impression of a person of her paintings shown on a reduced-res tapestry of LEDs. In a slicing-edge anatomical examine by the online video artist Kate Cooper, the camera skitters as a result of a electronic model of a human overall body, slice by slice, like Leonardo playing with an MRI equipment.

Cayre and Kissick make a extensive survey of painting’s ongoing id crisis, irrespective of whether or not the artists by themselves truly feel like they’re painting. The present is conceptually certain on a single aspect by artists departing from standard painting into electronic territory, and on the other by artists earning animations and unpainted objects, shoehorned into painting’s company mainly because they go on the wall.

Symbolizing people attempting new tools is the painter Julien Nguyen, who has a name for making use of Renaissance techniques to modern day idioms. His digital portrait of a winsome youth smoking cigarettes in the tub ditches brush and palette for an iPad. The strokes Nguyen laid down on the display appear on a monitor, set up entrance and middle, as a flurry of oily, paint-like marks.

For the latter, there is Jordan Wolfson’s pixelated print of Dorothy and her companions in Oz. The outdoorsy, eaved frame is aggressively styled with hearts, crosses and a Star of David pendant as nicely as devotional blurbs like “Surrender to God.” The words “GOD IS GOD IS GOD IS GOD IS …” crawl all around the border. Despite utilizing no paint, the untitled piece brings together various of the medium’s standard themes: Christian hagiography homage to predecessors (specifically Ashley Bickerton, a main assemblage artist of the ’80’s) and adequate logorrheic self-assurance to make an abstract expressionist blush.

Kissick is a New York critic whose typical column in Spike Art Magazine skips like a stone involving the classical and the ultramodern — from, say, contemplating a Fragonard to musing on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), all with no at any time leaving the Frick Madison. Cayre is an independent art adviser specializing in the 1950s to these days. The two have a stake in the modern day — what it indicates to dwell now, not then.

Newness is not generally development. “Imago” (2022) by Ezra Miller — an artist, artwork director and world-wide-web developer — is a washy abstraction evolving in serious time on a grid of four monitors that seems like driving into a rainy Monet with the wipers off. A distracting black cross runs as a result of the centre of the picture where the screens fulfill. Up close, what emerges is not brush strokes but the black gaffer’s tape covering the seams. Give me a dusty Rothko around a new-media experiment whose bodily presence looks slapped together and unwilling.

Speaking of Rothko: “Disc Buddie #4448,” an NFT by Tojiba CPU Corp, manifests on a square monitor: a tough, electronic cartoon of a thick floppy disk with white fingers and doves for footwear, the phrases “Rothko Maker 2” on its deal with. NFT assignments like this 1, which deliver thousands of distinctive images by combining sets of traits, push the strategy that artwork should really be straightforward and repeatable. Permit the aged guard whine about undesirable taste. This is “the new painting” in that even hideous paintings can be excellent investments.

Magnificence is nonetheless feasible, of training course — the exhibition involves heady, wall-successful abstractions by Seth Cost, who wrings painterly gestures from industrial procedures Wade Guyton, who paints by abusing inkjet printers or delicate, moiréd surfaces by Jacqueline Humphries or Anicka Yi. These are among the smartest updates of painting’s inclination to speak to alone and overlook the broader planet. The tone listed here is devotional, not iconoclastic.

The odd urgency of the age condenses in a 2022 image by Jessica Wilson, “Perfectly Clear” — a approximately photorealistic 3-D rendering of a hand drawing a squeegee down a sudsy windowpane. It’s a flat UV print on Dibond and just one of the the very least painterly objects in the exhibit. However its tart composition, our see from the outside, the scintillating tactility of the blade scraping absent the cleaning soap, remind us that the medium does not make a difference. What issues is art’s essential urge to exceed the chore of residing.

The Painter’s New Tools

By Sept. 24. Nahmad Modern day, 980 Madison Ave., Manhattan,

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