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DOS laptops: Here are our top picks

DOS laptops are meant for those who love working on Linux and Windows operating systems at the same time.

DOS laptops benefit those who love using both operating systems- Linux and Windows. These laptops offer command-line access, which speeds up the development processes, makes up for a good gaming laptop and ensures high performance.

Several lightweight laptops with fast booting systems are available these days. This article talks about the top 10 DOS laptops you can consider buying.

Let’s compare the different DOS laptops before you pick the one best suited for your needs.

1. Lenovo 240 G8

The Lenovo 240 G8 laptop is a sturdy, durable, high-performance laptop with solid 512 GB SSD storage. It comes with pre-installed Micro Edge browsers that assure security. The Intel Core i3 processor and anti-glare feature are the highlights of this laptop. It is pre-installed with software that allows immediate use on unboxing.


Brand: Lenovo 240G8


Screen Size: 14″

Storage: SSD

Disk Space: 512

Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i3

USB: 3

Pros Cons
High-performing Intel core processor Limited hard disk space
Lightweight and slim, which makes it easy to carry the laptop around It doesn’t offer a backlit keyboard
Powerful memory and storage No optical drive with this laptop
Provides smooth functionality  
Anti-glare;thin display  
High-performing Intel core processor  
Comfortable keyboard and excellent battery life  


HP 240 G8 (6B5R4PA) Laptop (Intel Core I3/ 11th Gen/ 8GB RAM/ 512GB SSD/ DOS/ 35.6 cm (14″) Diagonal, HD (1366 x 768), Micro-Edge, Anti-Glare, 250 nits, 45% NTSC/ 1 Year Warranty) Grey




2. Asus Expertbook 15

The Expertbook is an interesting DOS-based computer that offers both performance and speed to the users. It has an HD screen and is lightweight, allowing you to carry the laptop in your bag. This laptop also has a fingerprint scanner, making it highly secure. This laptop is powered by Intel Core i3 processor and has a 4GB memory.


Brand: Asus Expertbook 15


Screen Size: 15.6″

Storage: DDHD

Disk Space: 1 TB

Processor: Intel Core i3 1011oU

USB: 3

Pros Cons
Excellent storage space available Standard keyboard
64-bit OS with i3 Core processor Optical drive unavailable
2-cell battery with extended battery life. You get up to 5 hours No backlit keyboard
No scope of overheating or inflation  


ASUS Expertbook 15-P1545FA-BR281-Intel Core i3-10110U / 4GB RAM / 1TB HDD / DVD Drive / DOS / 15.6” HD Screen / 2.0 kg / Grey /1 Yr. Warranty




3. Lenovo Thinkpad E14

It is a rugged and rough laptop that can handle slips and falls. A high-end camera and anti-glare feature make it an excellent buy. It offers excellent sound quality. The power button with touch FPR ensures a single-touch, highly-secure login for your Thinkpad. The screen size is 14″, which means you can carry it around in your bag. It has a good battery life, up to 12.8 hours.

Brand: Lenovo Thinkpad E14


Screen Size: 14″ full HD

Storage: SSD

Disk Space: 256

Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i3

Battery: Up to 12.8 hours

Pros Cons
Excellent graphics and display No pre-installed software available with the system
lightweight and spill-resistant No slot to add HDD
Smart storage space within the system Not suited to play games in any mode
An intelligent cache that ensures better memory and speed It doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard
Good performance It doesn’t provide an LPS display
High audio quality  


Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i3 10th Gen 14″ (35.56cms) Full HD Thin and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/ 256GB SSD/ DOS/ Black/ 1.69 kg), 20RAS0SA00




4. Lenovo V15 IIL

The V15 IIL proves that DOS laptops can be highly aesthetic, sleek and powerful, all at the same time. Powered by the Intel core processor, it offers high speed. It has been designed exclusively for work. It is built to provide multitasking capabilities. The laptop provides an enormous 1TB storage space. However, the total USB in Lenovo are fewer compared to other DOS laptops.


Brand: Lenovo V15 IIL


Screen Size: 15.6″

Storage: Mechanical Hard Drive

Disk Space: 1 TB

Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i3

USB: 1

Pros Cons
Lightweight and small in size, which means you can carry it around easily No graphics card for gaming
Lithium-ion batteries that offer a decent life The laptop can go slow after a point
Sturdy and sleek Friction in experience
Best for programming  
Can help with multitasking needs  
It comes with a touchpad  


Lenovo V15 IIL 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 15.6 inches HD Business Laptop (AG/4GB Ram/1TB HDD/DOS/Integrated Graphics/Iron Grey, 1.8Kg) – 82C5A009IH




5. HP Business Laptop

Business laptops are known to be exceptionally high in quality and performance.

While they perform well, the overall feel and look are that of a sleek design.

You can easily carry out tasks without interruption using these laptops. The most vital parts of the computer are the memory and storage. The screen size is 15.6″, and the total storage space is 512 GB.


Brand: HP Business Laptop


Screen Size: 15.6″

Storage: SSD

Disk Space: 512 GB

Processor: Intel Core i5

USB: 3

Pros Cons
It is a plug-n-play model for HPlaptops No backlit keyboard is available.
The CPU, graphics and even storage are potent for this laptop. You need to purchase the HDMI cable separately.
The spill-resistant feature makes sure that it offers excellent functionality  
It comes with an Intel Graphics card that makes for a fantastic display.  


HP Intel Business Laptop 250 G8 Core i5 11th Gen 8GB RAM 512GB SSD DOS OS 15.6 inches Screen Grey Color 42V69PA




6. Lenovo V14 AMD RYZEN

This is your best bet if you want a laptop that can commute with you. It is incredibly lightweight and can handle any pressure. It provides good battery life. The computer is powered by an Atom Processor from Intel, which can lead to slight friction in speed. However, it can handle accidents and provides exceptional performance. The laptop comes with a 1TB storage space.

Brand: Lenovo V14 AMD RYZEN


Screen Size: 14″

Storage: HDD

Disk Space: 1 TB

Processor: Intel Atom Z8700

USB: 3

Pros Cons
It is best fit for programming requirements expressed by your business. The screen quality is not very good
Comfortable to carry around. The camera is a low point
Lightweight and durable No optical drive available with this piece
Compatible with Ubuntu  
High on performance  


Lenovo V14 AMD RYZEN 3 14 inches (35cm)HD Laptop(4GB/1TB/DOS/1.85Kg, 82C6000KIH), Iron Grey




7. Dell Latitude Intel 3510

This business laptop is designed exclusively for programming. It is powered by a 16GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processor. The laptop provides 512GB storage space. It is the finest, usable and functional laptop on the market. The laptop is durable and sturdy, which increases its longevity. It offers a good screen resolution, thus vouching for a high-quality display. The laptop offers a backlit keyboard.


Brand: Dell Latitude Intel 3510

RAM: 16 GB

Screen Size: 15.6″

Storage: Mechanical Hard Drive

Disk Space: 1TB

Processor: Intel Core i5

USB: 2

Pros Cons
It comes with an anti-glare technology Mixed performance
The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard  
Powered by an Intel Core i5  
It is lightweight and sturdy  
It is high-performance laptop  


Dell Latitude Intel 3510 i5-10210U 15.6 inches HD DOS 16GB 3200MHz 512GB, 1.91kg




Price of DOS laptops at a glance:

Product Price
Lenovo 240 G8 54,999
Asus Expertbook 15 41,990
Lenovo Thinkpad E14 48,999
Lenovo V15 IIL 46,000
HP Business Laptop 65,999
Lenovo V14 AMD RYZEN 75,900
Dell Latitude Intel 3510 88,000

Best three features for every laptop

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Lenovo 240 G8 Intel Core i3 Processor Anti Glare feature Thin Display
Asus Expertbook 15 Storage capacity 1 TBB 4 GB RAM Powered by Intel processor and graphics card
Lenovo Thinkpad E14 Anti-glare technology 720p HD camera with thinkshutter up to 12.8 hours battery backup
Lenovo V15 IIL Up to 6 hours of battery life You can extend memory up to 12 GB Powered by Intel i3
HP Business Laptop Powered by 11th generation Intel i5 processor 8 GB RAM Anti-glare technology
Lenovo V14 AMD RYZEN Lightweight 1.85 kg Anti-reflective technology Storage 1TB
Dell Latitude Intel 3510 Intel Core i5 processor Lightweight and sturdy Backlit keyboard

Best value for money

The Asus Expertbook 15 is an actual value-for-money laptop. It comes with an Intel processor and graphics card.

It offers a 1TB storage space and a battery backup of up to 5 hours. There is no scope for overheating with this laptop. It comes at an affordable rate with all the exceptional features you need.

Best overall laptop

The Lenovo Thinkpad E14 is an excellent laptop. It has a superior battery backup and is powered by an Intel processor. It provides the Intel graphics card as well. Apart from offering excellent storage and memory, it includes anti-glare technology that makes working on the laptop easy. You also get the 720p HD camera with this laptop.

How to choose a DOS laptop for your programming needs?

Most businesses pick DOS laptops for their programming or software requirements.

Here we will take you through the steps to help you choose the right programming laptop.


Your laptop should be lightweight and easy to carry around. Choose something between 1.8 to 2kgs for accessibility. Small screen sizes are portable.

Quality Display

The screen resolution should be moderately good; you don’t need to look for high-end graphics or quality. You can look for features such as anti-glare.

The Processor

The speed is essential as you will be coding, testing and deploying your software using this laptop. As a result, you need a high-performing and quality solution.


Your memory capacity is essential; however, it is equally important to work on caching needs of the system. It would help if you had a good memory; 8GB is considered suitable for programming.

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