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Glaucoma Consciousness thirty day period: Ayurvedic therapies to strengthen eye well being

Glaucmoa is a group of eye situations that prospects to visual impairment thanks to malfunctioning of the optic nerve accountable for conversation involving brain and eyes. January is Glaucoma Consciousness Month and aims at spreading awareness about the eye dysfunction.

Glaucoma should not be taken evenly. If remaining untreated it can result in partial or complete blindness.

Recognising Glaucoma in its early phases is helpful as it can be dealt with and reversed proficiently.

Some of the early signs or symptoms of glaucoma are serious headache, eye agony, nausea and vomiting, blurred eyesight, eye redness, patchy blind spots in your peripheral or central vision.

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Alternative therapies like Ayurveda are also efficient in treating glaucoma. Apart from herbal drugs and Panchakarma therapies to minimize eye stress and restore its ordinary operating, there are also a range of Ayurvedic household remedies that can be employed to treat this eye condition. Dr Partap Chauhan, an Ayurvedachanrya and Director of Jiva Ayurveda implies some powerful treatments to treat glaucoma and improve eye well being in normal

Netra Basti

In this therapy, medicated ghee is poured about the eyes. You are requested to lie down and a very well like construction is shaped close to the eye with the support of a dough and then ghee is poured about it. It will get rid of toxic compounds from your eyes.

Snehapana therapy

In this cure, ghee infused with herbs is orally administered to the patient for a unique period of time.

Standard eye washing ritual

Ayurveda claims that eyes should be carefully washed with interesting water in the mornings even though holding a mouthful of drinking water. Having said that, care ought to be taken that the water is not as well very hot or far too chilly. Rosewater or gulaabjal may also be utilised due to the fact it is regarded to have cooling houses.

Light or lamp gazing

This is an aged Ayurvedic follow intended to soothe, relaxed and concentration the brain. It is a kind of meditation and is immensely helpful for the eyes. In accordance to this practice, a single need to gaze intensely into the wick of a candle or an earthen lamp for a extended period whose wick has been lit using ghee. The golden clean of heat gentle is recognised to enhance eyesight.

Cooling eye patches

Cucumbers, cotton pads soaked with clean goat’s milk, when put on top of the eyes, have a cooling influence on the eyes and refresh them wholly.

Castor oil

A drop of pure castor oil on the eyes, along with oil utilized on the soles of the ft is an powerful solution for dry eyes.


Triphala is a strong herb concoction that is a mix of three fruits – Amla, Bhibitaki and Haritaki. Administered via eye drops or basically ingested, they are regarded to cut down eye strain, redness and inflammation.

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