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Health tips for youthful athletes: Common sports accidents, their cure and dos and don’ts to stop them

As young athletes contend yr-spherical, it seems new injuries are usually appearing and while the intention is to protect against them, it is even now good to know what accidents are the most prevalent. Amongst athletes, sporting activities injuries are popular in the knee and shoulder followed by remaining joints.

In an job interview with HT Way of living, Dr Sharif Dudekula, Guide Arthroscopic Surgeon and Sporting activities Medication Expert at Medicover Healthcare facility in Navi Mumbai, described, “Sports injuries are categorised into three varieties acute, overuse and the past one particular is continual athletics injuries.”

Frequent sporting activities injuries:

Dr Sharif Dudekula discovered that the most frequent sports activities injuries include things like –

1. Sprain of a ligament that connects the two bones,

2. Strain of tendon which is muscle insertion on the bone

3. Knee injuries, most frequently the anterior cruciate ligament and menisci are afflicted

4. Shoulder injuries, most typically rotator cuff tears and anterior dislocation of the shoulder

5. Tennis elbow/golfer elbow

6. Followed by fractures, concussions, plantar fasciitis, and so forth.

7. Knee Injuries

He additional, “After an injury to the knee if there is an anterior cruciate ligament damage (ACL) damage the affected individual presented with pain, swelling appearing right away soon after personal injury, an incapacity to bear weight, and stiffness of the joint. In the situation of meniscal personal injury, all indicators are the identical apart from the swelling which seems following some time of damage.”


Dr Sharif Dudekula suggested, “In acute problems go for ice pack software, knee immobiliser, ample soreness killers and energetic physiotherapy the moment the discomfort subsides. In continual total ACL harm affected person presented with instability of the knee and issues in the use of stairs. Then the affected individual requires ACL reconstruction, for meniscal injuries for acute problems same as ACL injuries. Continual situations people may perhaps need to have meniscectomy or meniscal repair service based on the standing of the menisci.”

Chatting about shoulder personal injury, he explained, “If there is a rotator cuff harm the patient generally presented with agony, swelling, and incapability to elevate the hand. If there is a shoulder dislocation, along with the previously mentioned indications there is a deformity of the limb (angle) in flexion abduction and exterior rotation (Anterior dislocation) and the individual retains his forearm with yet another hand for help though presenting to the doctor”

As a result, he recommended, “Treatment for shoulder injuries depends on which type of harm occurred. In acute conditions go for rest, ice pack software, satisfactory discomfort killers, arm pouch sling for momentary stabilisation, and once the ache subsides go for rotator cuff strengthening and shoulder ROM exercise routines. For acute dislocation go for shut reduction of joint and 2 to 3 months of relaxation in shoulder immobiliser followed by gradual selection of movement of the shoulder. For persistent rotator cuff accidents with sizeable signs or symptoms go for rotator cuff repair service and chronic recurrent dislocations will go for Bankert’s repair or remplissage treatment.”

Highlighting that sprain and pressure are generally presented with suffering, inflammation and incapacity to bear bodyweight if the personal injury to the reduce limb, Dr Sharif Dudekula shared, “These are ordinarily handled with relaxation, ice application, compression and limb elevation and followed by adequate physiotherapy.”


Right after an damage, Dr Sharif Dudekula proposed you ought to acquire care of your limb with sufficient relaxation, ice pack software. He suggested –

1. Brace or splintage to limb.

2. Limb elevation to minimize the swelling.

3. Should really go for ample rehabilitation as soon as the harm heals.

4. Get TT injection if there is an open up fracture.


According to Dr Sharif Dudekula, an hurt human being should really stay away from –

1. Sizzling drinking water fomentation,

2. Massage at the injuries site

3. Stay away from sports activities action till restoration

4. Don’t immobilise the joint for a extended length, begin assortment of movement right away at the time the pain is relieved

Preventive guidelines:

To reduce sport injuries, Dr Sharif Dudekula advisable:

1. Chopping the depth, frequency and duration of the sport exercise

2. Sporting activities persons, athletes, and the individuals who are indulging in sports activities activity – do the routines underneath the right steerage of authorities, physiotherapists, or qualified people

3. Drink adequate water to retain hydration relying upon sports action and temperature

4. Choose adequate and suitable diet for general performance

5. Do the sporting activities exercise or training with correct equipment

6. Take proper muscle strengthening schooling

7. Often go for ample heat-up, and stretching prior to the activity or training adopted by warm-down and stretching after the exercise or work out.

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