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‘Honk for Jesus. Preserve Your Soul’ finds darkish satire in a disgraced megachurch

“Pastor Childs, are the allegations true?” Brown’s Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs is requested in close proximity to the outset, although leaving the particulars of the scandal purposefully obscure for considerably of the film.

The aspects are really comparatively insignificant, as the relentlessly upbeat pastor and his spouse Trinitie (Corridor) operate to rebuild their Atlanta megachurch, which as soon as boasted 1000’s of parishioners, preparing a triumphant reopening on Easter Sunday.

In what appears to be like like an act of hubris, the Childs have also invited a documentary crew to tag along, fly-on-the-wall fashion, as they go about the procedure, although there are more than enough awkward moments that they regularly uncover themselves speaking directly to the unseen filmmakers, inquiring them to depart out selected content.

That device signifies the sort of point that college student filmmakers use, and writer-director Adamma Ebo — who developed the film along with her twin sister Adanne, the stars, Daniel Kaluuya, and Jordan Peele — may well have dispensed with it in this structure, even though it does provide the purpose of forcing Brown and Hall to hold smiles plastered across their faces, although pressure simmers just beneath the manicured area as they see their empire slipping absent.

Inevitably, amid references to “the settlement” paid out to these completely wrong, they vacation resort to roadside preaching, an sign of how much the mighty have fallen. They also look at their congregants flock to one more church operate by a younger couple (Nicole Beharie, Conphidance), which aren’t notably excellent at hiding their interest in capitalizing on their competitors’ misfortune — what the former phone calls a “landfill of a circumstance.”

Having made its debut at the Sundance Movie Festival, “Honk for Jesus” definitely has commentary about the transactional mother nature of selected spiritual outfits baked into the strategy, exhibiting off Pastor Childs’ flashy outfits and costly shoes as proof of people who financial gain off their flocks. But that broader part of the movie feels underdeveloped, concentrating specifically on the central couple’s plight, and notably the extent to which Trinitie will go, to quote the song, in standing by her gentleman.

In that sense, the movie gives a good showcase for Brown and Hall though developing Ebo as a expertise to check out, if not, in this placing, a single who entirely provides.

“I am not a perfect man,” Pastor Childs concedes at just one stage.

Even though “Honk for Jesus” isn’t a perfect film, give it praise for at minimum currently being an attention-grabbing 1.

“Honk for Jesus. Preserve Your Soul” premieres Sept. 2 in US theaters and on Peacock. It is rated R.

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