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‘Jeopardy!’ admirers are frustrated by this controversial Bible clue

“Jeopardy!” enthusiasts are perplexed and more than a little miffed right after a controversial Ultimate Jeopardy! clue divided contestants in the ultimate rounds of the program’s “Tournament of Champions.” This is the 2nd clue controversy the application has faced in just a few times.

Amy Schneider, Andrew He and Sam Buttrey are the remaining champions standing in the tournament, and the first man or woman to acquire 3 rounds will be the ultimate victor. In Wednesday’s episode, the trio was confronted with this clue, under the category “New Testament”:

“Paul’s letter to them is the New Testomony epistle with the most Aged Testomony quotations.”

Final Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Finals #4 RESULT, ALL-NEW

The statement is not controversial for the reason that it is about the Bible. Which is not an unusual subject on the trivia display. But the right solution is continue to a matter of discussion, even amongst Biblical students.

Schneider answered “Who are the Hebrews,” and was considered appropriate by host Ken Jennings.

Buttrey answered “Who are the Romans,” and was considered incorrect.

He said “Philippiaes,” probably in reference to the Philippians, which was also incorrect.

All of the responses refer to books in the Bible that are collections of epistles, or letters, ostensibly from Jesus’ apostle Paul to unique groups in the formative days of the Christian church. Nonetheless, gurus have different thoughts on no matter whether Paul in fact wrote the letter to the Hebrews – and therefore, whether the response was actually suitable. In point, there are bitter divisions among different faculties of Christian believed concerning Paul’s Biblical influence and authorship.


A lot of “Jeopardy!” viewers thought Buttrey’s response must have been the accurate a single, given that scholars frequently agree Paul was the author of the book of Romans.

Even specialists on faith and background weighed in.

“The problem: Hebrews has the most OT estimates of any NT letter it was traditionally attributed to Paul but now most argue he did not produce it dependent generally on inner evidence,” a priest and theology professor wrote on Twitter. “(Romans is right if Paul didn’t write Hebrews),” he included.

“Dear Jeopardy: But Paul did not generate Hebrews!!!!!!!” wrote a further historian and theologian.

Many others postulated that, irrespective of the remedy, the clue was not evidently worded in regards to letters, epistles and textbooks of the Bible – all deeply baffling phrases for persons outdoors (and from time to time within) the spheres of Biblical study.

In the center of the confusion, He emerged as the night’s winner in spite of his incorrect Closing Jeopardy! solution, and is just one win away from event victory.

It’s worthy of noting that Buttrey, who had the reply some persons consider should really have been suitable, is a enthusiast preferred and would have gained if he secured the past remedy.

Just a few days just before the Bible kerfuffle, an episode of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” highlighted a clue about the 2021 death of Instagram temperament Gabby Petito and the suicide dying of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, who wrote that he was accountable for her murder.

“In 2021 fugitive Brian Laundrie finished his times in FLA’s Myakkahatchee Creek place, residence to these very long & toothy critters,” the clue browse.

(The respond to was “What are alligators?”)

Viewers have been appalled that the problem invoked equally suicide and a extremely publicized murder.

“Y’all could not have gotten to alligator AAAAAANY other way???” 1 viewer wrote.

In a statement to numerous media corporations, an legal professional for the Laundrie household demanded an apology from the demonstrate, contacting the problem “distasteful.”

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