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Try out these 5 substitute flours to make your nutritious wraps

An on-the-go wrap is a great lunch or snack to suppress people hunger pangs. In its place of opting for the harmful maida or gluten-weighty rotis, attempt these balanced, yet tasty kinds that can be made quickly.

Try these 5 different flours to make your healthier wraps

Cheese tortilla

This viral wrap is produced totally out of cheese and is excellent for individuals who observe a high-protein keto diet. Cheese includes nutritional vitamins A, D, K and zinc, which is very good for your bones. It is also rich in calcium and provides you a lot-desired proteins as perfectly that assists in body fat reduction in the keto diet regime. To make this wrap, lay 4 slices of any cheese of your decision on a parchment paper in an oven-harmless tray. Stick the tray in the oven for a couple of minutes till it melts and gets golden brown on the edges. While the wrap is in the oven, get ready your filling and sauce for the wrap. Remove the tray although it is still bubbly and promptly load your topping on wrap. Use the paper to roll the cheese tortilla and give it stability as very well.



A popular substitute for wheat flour is oat flour as it is gluten free and the soluble fibre encourages good bacteria and will keep your digestive tract healthier. Oat flour also allows reduce blood sugar, cut down hazard of heart sickness and is higher in protein and important amino acids. Mix oats in a grinder to make your individual flour, increase h2o and salt, and knead as standard. As there is no gluten in this dough, there is no possibility of overworking it or receiving challenging rotis. You can increase warm h2o to make them softer or slim out the batter with h2o and make pancakes. Equally these possibilities with give you comfortable malleable wraps that you can use to make your frankies.


Chickpea flour

Chickpeas are seeing a increase in recognition as they are pumped with health and fitness added benefits. Abundant in fibre, potassium, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, it is a fantastic resource of protein for both of those vegetarians and vegans alike. Chickpea flour or besan, as we know it, can be conveniently designed into a flavourful Indian pancake, typically recognized as besan ka chilla. Increase drinking water to 1 cup of besan and mix it until you have your batter. Blend in salt, pepper, chilli powder and turmeric and ladle it on a very hot pan. You can include cabbage, onions or grated carrots. Flip the pancake once to cook dinner on both of those sides. You can end below and eat as it is, but if you want to flip it into a wrap, add veggies of your decision, squeeze some ketchup and mayo and roll it with the aid of a parchment paper and eat whilst sizzling.

Try these 5 alternative flours to make your healthy wraps
Attempt these 5 different flours to make your healthy wraps

Lentil batter

Red lentils or masoor dal is an outstanding resource of plant-based protein and fibre along with vitamin B, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. It has folate, which is crucial in synthesising pink blood cells and DNA to help in vitality fat burning capacity. Masoor dal is also great for your pores and skin and aiding fat reduction, as it helps make a very good substitute for wheat-centered rotis. You can make a crepe kind wrap with this dal by initially soaking it right away and then mixing it into a batter. Increase salt to it and then pour a slim layer into a non-stick pan. Allow it cook dinner for a handful of minutes, flip it and prepare dinner once more. You can make a stack of these crepe-model wraps and go over with a cloth to continue to keep warm. Use them to make a roll with all your favourite toppings.

Try these 5 alternative flours to make your healthy wraps
Attempt these 5 alternate flours to make your healthy wraps


Rich in folate, magnesium, zinc and iron, quinoa is a super foods that has a large amount of fibre, antioxidants and protein that enjoy an crucial position in helping you experience whole for extended. It can hold cholesterol and blood sugar levels less than regulate and lower your risk of diabetic issues and heart disorder. To make this wrap, first prepare dinner your quinoa and permit it neat. Incorporate it to a blender with some drinking water and grinder until easy. Then ladle this batter on a sizzling pan and make your wraps. Things it with any of your favorite filling and you are great to go.

Other grains you can use to make wraps:

Rice flour

Coconut flour

Almond flour

Corn flour

Ragi flour

Barley flour

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